Samick Partners with App Developer Musopia to Offer Popular Guitar Teaching App

December 23, 2014

In an effort to create a greater community of guitar players Samick Music Corporation has teamed up with Finland based app developer Musopia to offer the popular FourChords guitar teaching app free with the purchase of any Samick guitar.

Very much designed for beginners, FourChords has a dead-simple interface that boils popular songs down into digestible chunks. It starts by naming the main chords used, diagramming how to form them and letting the user play back a sample to hear what each chord sounds like. Once familiar with them, you can play along with the song as the app flows through each chord in a Guitar Hero-style timeline that stays in sync with the music.

“While Samick has long been known as a great guitar manufacturer, we also understand how critical it is to connect with new and future players,” stated Tony De La Rosa, Product Manager/Artist Relations. “The FourChords app looks as cool as a video game, is easy to use, and is mobile – the perfect combination for connecting with a culture that wants and expects mobile access to just about anything that’s displayed on a screen.”

A 30-day free trial to the FourChords app will be included with the purchase of any Silvertone, Greg Bennett, or Samick brand guitar purchased, including the top-selling Silvertone electric and acoustic guitar packages. The free trial also includes full access to hundreds of the most popular songs from multiple genres. Once the free trial expires, players will be given the option to subscribe by signing up for regularly priced week, month, or six month billing.

2013 Product Excellence Award

Seiler Featured Once Again In Popular Music Video

July 3, 2014

A Seiler grand piano is once again playing a starring role in a BRAND NEW music video by some of today’s rising stars! A cover of pop star Ariana Grande’s latest hit, “Problem”, has been performed by Kurt and Max Schneider and made into a music video. This beautifully-shot video has just been released and has already gained a tremendous audience on YouTube. View the music videos here:

2013 Product Excellence Award

Seiler Makes Grand Appearance In Popular Music Video

May 1, 2014

A Seiler grand piano has landed a big role in a popular video by some of today’s rising stars! A recent cover of John Legend‘s latest hit “All of Me” has been performed by Zendaya (Disney Channel) and Max Schneider (singer, songwriter, actor), and made into a music video. This beautiful video has gone viral, and features a Seiler grand being played by Kurt Schneider (musician, music producer, filmmaker). View the music videos here:

2013 Product Excellence Award

Seiler Takes Center Stage at Historic Carolina Theatre

March 29, 2014

A Seiler ED-186 took center stage on March 22nd at the historic Carolina Theatre of Greensboro. Pianist Rickie Monie of The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, one of the world’s premiere jazz bands, played the Seiler during their performance. He and the rest of the band raved about the instrument during both the sound check and after the event, expressing how well the piano played. The piano was well-received by the artists who got the opportunity to play the beautiful piano at the ArtsGreenboro-sponsored event.

2013 Product Excellence Award

Seiler Grand the Official Piano of Historic Harlem Jazz Club Minton’s

February 17, 2014

A Seiler ED-168 grand piano was recently featured in a CBS This Morning report on the restoration of the famous Harlem jazz club, Minton’s. The short piece focused on how former Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons and noted restaurateur/chef Alexander Smalls applied their passion for jazz in reviving the historic nightclub to its former splendor. We are proud that a Seiler ED-168 is the official piano of this famous New York City jazz club! Click here to view the video report.

2013 Product Excellence Award

Seiler Pianos Nominated As One of Best Products of 2013 by Retailers

December 1, 2013

Seiler Pianos has been nominated by retailers as one of the best products of 2013. Music Inc.’s December Excellence awards issue will feature Seiler Pianos with their 2013 Product Excellence Award!

The annual Product Excellence Awards are handed out by Music Inc. magazine to the top 20 products of the year as voted on by retailers.

Seiler Unveils Long-Term Strategy For U.S. Market

August 6, 2013

showroom1Forty top piano dealers from across North America convened in Nashville, Tennessee on July 18th for the official launch of Seiler Piano’s new marketing strategy for the North American market. The two-day meeting, held at the historic Union Station Hotel, featured the introduction of new lower-priced lines based off the authentic Seiler German designs, a comprehensive suite of marketing tools to support dealers at every level of the selling process, as well as complete point of purchase mural and kiosk to help distinguish the Seiler brand in showrooms. “Everything we have introduced at this meeting revolves around securing a long-term relationship with our dealers,” stated Jay Cross, Executive Vice President of Sales, Samick Music Corporation (parent company of Seiler). “We are focused on being a strategic company that manufactures the most reliable, ambitious products offering competitive advantages, and we feel our new Seiler gallery showroom demonstrates that.”

The new Seiler strategy revolves around a dedicated showroom area that will be merchandised exclusively with Seiler product. “First let me say that a good number of retailers are excellent merchandisers,” remarked Frank Mazurco, special consultant, Samick Music Corp. “However, all dealerships must provide products in an above standard selling environment to enhance the customer experience. With the arrival of the Seiler Piano Gallery, the days of substandard merchandising are over.”

Dealers at the meeting were introduced to a wealth of point-of-purchase materials that are now available and will help them create these dedicated areas within their stores. Seiler partnered with Dimensional Innovations, a contemporary design and fabrication company from Overland Park, KS, to create a 16’ x 4’ Seiler graphic mural, an interactive, touch-sensitive video kiosk sales center in the shape of a grand piano that will play Seiler product videos, display brochures, and current content on an all-new website. All participating dealers will now have immediate access to these key elements of the Seiler piano gallery.

“We studied modern retail and created a custom mural that tells the Seiler story while appealing to our target market,” Cross expressed. “In creating our interactive sales center, the goal was to provide the customer an immersive, interactive experience through modern day technology, and we feel that we’ve accomplished this.”

Within these new Seiler Piano Galleries, dealers will showcase the entire offering of pianos with three distinct lines to target entry, mid-level, and premium price segments of the piano market. Seiler will continue to hand-build its premium line of pianos at a factory in Kitzingen, Germany. Targeting the middle of the market will be a newly introduced Eduard Seiler line of pianos that feature original Seiler scales. This group of instruments along with a lower priced Johannes Seiler piano will be produced in Indonesia at Samick’s main manufacturing facility.

“We want to market Seiler as a premium European German piano and differentiate from the other American and Japanese piano brands,” said Baik Lee, CEO, Samick Music Corporation. “This differentiation will give our customers more choices in their selection process and purchase of pianos.”

seiler kiosk-lowDealer support does not end with products and store design fixtures.
Seiler is focused on maximizing its exposure and reaching its piano buying demographics through social media, with Seiler Piano USA residing on top social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. This social presence will provide avenues for customers and dealers to communicate, connect, and establish a relationship with the company.

Seiler has engaged Industrial Strength Marketing (ISM), a leading web and strategic marketing provider, to design and manage an all-new responsive and mobile-ready Seiler website. “Our work will focus on drawing as large an audience as possible to the Seiler website and to channel those leads in a real-time manner to dealers,” explained Joshua Camp, ISM’s Digital Director. In addition, ISM will assist Seiler with dealer marketing support, co-op programs, social media push, and competitive positioning.

To assist dealers in more traditional media channels and direct mail, Seiler has hired Lab3 Marketing, based in Tampa, Florida, to find prospects within a given region based on buyer behavior analytics of past and potential piano buyers.

“Our marketing partner Lab3 Marketing has contact information on millions of buyers, sorted by up to 250 unique pieces of information,” explained Joe Cutroni, Asst. Director of Marketing, Samick Music Corporation. “Age, income, children, net worth, hobbies, and income levels are just some of the phenomenal data mining capabilities that present Seiler dealers with a great opportunity to go after targeted groups of prospects through direct mail.”

As part of a complete marketing strategy labeled “The Seiler Alliance Program,” dealers will have access to training, product support, artists and events marketing programs as well. “No company has ever excelled without a total and ongoing commitment to product knowledge and sales and management training,” observed Mazurco. He indicated that starting this fall, Seiler University will hold its first session at the Samick headquarters in Gallatin, Tennessee. Sales training will be complemented by a commitment to technical support as well. Mazurco reported that technical training programs will be consistently offered at strategic locations throughout the distribution network.

Seiler’s sales team recognizes the importance of a healthy schedule of retail events and promotions and will help dealers implement aggressive promotional schedules. “A manufacturer or a dealership without a steady diet of promotions and events will either cease to exist or continually struggles to stay afloat,” continued Mazurco. “Our new alliance program is committed to providing a fully scripted menu of proven and successful promotions.”

Seiler is taking a new approach to servicing the concert and artist market, an area of marketing that is so closely linked with the success of piano brands around the world. “Our approach in this area is counter to what many piano manufacturers are doing today,” stated Cross. “Most, if not all, strive to provide their pianos and services to the concert artists. And as many manufacturers continue to clamor and provide service and pianos to today’s concert pianists, we have decided to start a steady but prudent program with the community of young and up and coming pianists throughout North America.”

Above all, Seiler will only be offered through a limited network of dealers with exclusive territories. “It is our goal to offer the Seiler family of pianos on an exclusive basis to one dealership in a market who is willing and capable and who has the strong desire to work together with us, to fully support the Alliance Programs in their market, and to represent the Seiler family of pianos with style and integrity,” declared Cross.

Silvertone Guitars Kick Off NAMM ’13 with All-New Re-issues

July 11, 2013

Some of the most popular Silvertone guitars from the 1960s have been reissued and released. We kicked off the re-issuing of these beautiful guitars during our Pre-NAMM event on July 10th at B.B. King’s Blues Club in downtown Nashville. The event featured guitarist extraordinaire Jack Pearson, who played the complete line of re-issued Silvertone Classic guitars.

CLICK HERE to catch a glimpse of Jack in action during the event!

Very first Re-Issue Silvertone Guitar Presented to Jack Pearson

Very first Re-Issue Silvertone Guitar Presented to Jack Pearson

March 20, 2013

Silvertone VP Robert E. Lee and Artist Relations Manager Tony De La Rosa presented guitarist extraordinaire Jack Pearson with the very first production model Silvertone 1303/U2!

Pearson, who already plays a vintage Silvertone Jupiter model, played the new 1303/U2 that same night at a show in Nashville, TN.

Wm. Knabe & Co. Grand On Movie Set Location for Holiday Film

January 31, 2013

A Knabe grand pianowill make its way onto the set of an upcoming holiday movie titled “An Everygreen Christmas,” starring Naomi Judd, Booboo Stewart (Twilight Saga), and Jake Sandvig (Easy A). The Knabe grand piano will play a major role in the movie, as the main character is an aspiring musician who finds her family’s home and Christmas tree farm in jeopardy. She must choose between going back to her “Hollywood” life or stay in Tennessee and rediscover her musical roots. The film is being shot in Charlotte, NC.


Samick Geared to Revitalize the Silvertone Guitar Brand in ‘2013

November 12, 2012

The historic Silvertone guitar brand will receive an exciting update to the entire line in 2013 that will take guitar players back to their origins of playing. The Silvertone guitar brand provided countless musicians their first step into guitar playing, becoming instantly popular with novice musicians around the world. A broad range of musicians, from session players to rock stars, got their start on Silvertone guitars and Samick intends to give musicians a true reconnection to their roots with this all-new line of vintage-style guitars.

“Samick is pleased to bring back the iconic Silvertone brand of guitars,” stated Robert E. Lee, Vice President of MI Division. “We know how emotionally connected many professionals and hobbyists are to this brand, because for many it was their “first” guitar. We’re very excited to stir those emotions once again.”



Samick - Four Seasons, SunTai, Yoo

Renowned Painter Displays Artistry on Samick Piano

August 13, 2012

Painter Yoo Sun Tai, known for his expression of surrealistic worlds through drawing apples, books, and notes on canvas, has brilliantly laid images of four seasons on a Samick piano.

These extremely unique works of art display all four seasons and are expressed at different times of day. In addition, the pianos display different landscape and, depending on the viewing angle and perspective, change constantly.



Knabe Piano Featured in Indianapolis Monthly 2012 ‘Dream Home’

Knabe Piano Featured in Indianapolis Monthly 2012July 6, 2012

Knabe Piano has been given the honor of being featured in the 2012 Indianapolis Monthly ‘Dream Home’. The all-white, high polish Wm. Knabe & Co. Grand piano residers with the $2.4 million home, built and designed by the Indianapolis area’s top contractors and design groups.

The 2012 Indianapolis Monthly Dream Home is the ultimate collaboration of designers from all around Indianapolis contributing their talents to the 10,000-square-foot home. This luxurious home features the latest and most desirable products and features that a home buyer could want in a luxury home. The project benefits the Dyslexia Institute of Indiana.

View video:

Click here for more information.

Guitars in the Classroom: Expanding the Minds of the Youth

Guitars In the ClassroomJune 21, 2012

Guitars in the Classroom (GITC) is a non-profit organization that gets back to the root of sharing music, providing free integrated music making to over 800,000 students annually. Donations keep Guitars in the Classroom afloat, and by partnering up with Samick Music Corporation, one of the world’s largest and most experienced manufacturers of musical instruments, GITC is able to reach organizations outside the classroom as well.

“Manufacturers are making a tremendous difference in the schools. Samick Music Corp., makers of Greg Bennett Design guitars, recently donated 100 guitars to the cause,” said Jessica Baron, Executive Director of GITC. John Hawkins, Executive Vice President of the SMC’s MI Sales Division, is the Treasurer for the Board of Directors of Guitars in the Classroom. John understands the importance of music in a young person’s life.

“When I asked John if he wanted to help the YMCA, he said, ‘Sure, what do you need?’” Baron recalls. “I said we need 100 guitars for use by scholarship children. He said, ‘Done’.”

Click here to read more about our involvement in the Guitars in the Classroom program.

Pramberger Grand Piano Donated for Charity Event

Pramberger Grand Piano Donated for Charity Event

May 9, 2012

A Pramberger Grand piano was placed inside

a Toyota showroom recently where it will reside for the next year. The piano was donated by Samick Dealer Grant Billings, of Billings Piano Gallery, offering a one-year lease of their Pramberger Baby Grand for a live auction.

Staff from local car dealership Smart Motors,
a long-time supporter of Journey Mental
Health Center, placed the winning auction bid.

Read more…


Aaron Beavers

Samick Artist Aaron Beavers Touring with Greg Bennett Guitar

April 9, 2012

Samick Guitars Artist and Songwriter Aaron Beavers, while on tour with his band Shurman to promote its latest release, “Inspiration,” will be playing a Greg Bennett Design Barcelona Series guitar.

The band has tour dates set through the beginning of summer with stops in Texas, Utah, and Oklahoma.

Beavers founded the band in 2001 and has built a dedicated grassroots following by touring relentlessly and releasing four full-length recordings and three EPs.


Samick Industrial Training School Opens

March 5, 2012

Samick Industrial Training School Opens
Samick Music Corporation is pleased to announce the opening of the Samick Industrial Training School in Indonesia. The 14,000 square foot school officially opened its doors on February 23, 2012 to a large group in attendance, including Vice chairman of Korea Red Cross Jong Sup Kim, Vice president of KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) Sung-ho Choi, President of Samick Indonesia Steve Kim, and several local government VIPs from Bogor, Indonesia. The building is located on approximately two acres of land inside the Samick Indonesia factory and includes dormitory housing for all students.

“Samick’s training program will create an educational environment in which students gain a true hands-on experience in a very creative setting,” stated Jong Sup Kim, Chairman of Samick at the opening ceremony. “They will learn certain skills that will provide them a chance to gain employment and apply their acquired trade. We are happy to provide them with such an opportunity to young, jobless people.”

The school accommodates 100 students and offers several 6-month classes, including Piano Tuning, Guitar Making, Woodcraft, Dress making, and Bread making. Samick’s training program has been designed to provide unemployed people with the opportunity to learn a skill set and apply it to a new job. Should any trainee find difficulty in securing employment upon completion of Samick’s training, they will be hired by Samick’s Indonesia factory.


Help Selecting the Right Piano

January 26, 2012

Watch this video as the GM of Alabama Piano Gallery offers advice and tips on selecting the right piano, using a Kohler & Campbell grand to explain.


Wm. Knabe & Co. 175th Edition GrandSamick Displays Knabe 175th Anniversary Edition at NAMM 12

January 19, 2012

Samick commemorates the 175th anniversary of Wm. Knabe & Co. with an exquisite grand piano re-created in the same style as a 1896 Knabe grand piano, made of carved rosewood in the Rococo Victorian style and features heavily

carved cabriole legs and an ornately carved pedal lyre.

The limited edition piana was on display in Samick’s piano room at NAMM 12. The limited edition 175th anniversary grand piano features the same beautiful cabinetry, clarity of tone, and outstanding craftsmanship of this classic piano pictured here.


American Ballet Theater

Knabe Made Official Piano of the American Ballet

December 15, 2011

Samick Music Corporation, Inc. (SMC) is pleased to announce that the Knabe name has made its triumphant return
to the Metropolitan Opera House, becoming the official piano of the American Ballet Theatre at the Met.

A total of nine Knabe pianos were selected by American Ballet Theatre Music Director Ormsby Wilkins, one of the world’s finest conductors. Founded in 1937, the American Ballet Theatre is the premier dance company in the world today.

Coles Whalen and a lucky winner

Samick Artist Coles Whalen Plays Live Benefit Concert

September 14, 2011

Samick Music Corporation, Inc. (SMC), one of the largest global manufacturing and distribution companies of both fretted instruments and pianos, is pleased to announce the outstanding support for Samick Artist Coles Whalen at the Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) Foundation’s 3rd Annual Sensational Summer Concert. Proceeds from the event will fund research toward diagnostic recognition of SPD, studies of treatment effectiveness, and the building of an outdoor sensory playground, bringing therapy, research and SPD family training together.

During the event, a Greg Bennett acoustic guitar autographed by Whalen was given away as part of a drawing, with all proceeds going towards the foundation that means so much to the artist. “Throughout my career, the people at Samick have been great supporters of me & my band,” stated Whalen.” They have gone above & beyond by helping to support a cause near to my heart. Thank you Samick for your generous donation of a beautiful guitar and for helping to provide hope and help for children and families living with Sensory Processing Disorder.”

The yearly event took place on August 18th at Denver’s Hard Rock Café, where several guests donated money throughout the night for the event’s several sweepstakes giveaways. As a result of the strong support, the SPD Foundation raised over $7,000 toward research, education, and advocacy. To learn more about the SPD Foundation, visit

Samick Artist Cody Marks Entertains U.S. Troops in Middle East

September 13, 2011

Samick Artist Cody Marks Entertains U.S. Troops in Middle East

Samick artist Cody Marks recently completed a military tour in the Middle East, where she entertained the U.S. troops with her music, and a Greg Bennett Torino in her hands. It was a very gratifying opportunity for the musician.

“The troops really appreciate the music and the effort,” said Marks. “When you play for the troops, you are playing just for them. I am more patriotic now than before I went.”

The visit also afforded Marks the chance to shoot a music video for her song “Rock n Roll Soldier”, written specifically for the U.S. troops. The music video will be aired on every U.S. military base in the world and can be viewed on the Greg Bennett YouTube Channel at

For more information about Samick artist Cody Marks, please visit

Samick Music Visits Vanderbilt Pediatric Rehabilitation Center

Vanderbilt Children's Hospital

September 12, 2011

Samick’s Quality Assurance Manager/Master Luthier Jeremy Colas recently paid a visit to Vanderbilt University’s Pediatric Rehabilitation Center, providing entertainment for children receiving physical therapy in the treatment of certain disabilities. Jeremy was on hand to play guitar and assist children in playing music. The visit gave a big boost to all of the children and staff at the center.

It was an exciting visit to Vanderbilt Pediatric Rehabilitation Center during Constraint Camp,” said Shirley Gogliotti, Physical Therapist, Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital Pediatric Rehab. “Judging by the faces, the children were totally in awe that they would actually get to play a guitar themselves. This activity was great therapy and the children worked with their fingers until they were exhausted!”

Colas was thankful for the chance to provide the children with some fun through music. “I am very appreciative of the opportunity to give back to the Vanderbilt Pediatric Rehabilitation Center,” stated Colas. “My daughter is a patient and they have worked wonders. To see the smiles on the children’s faces was truly priceless, and it’s always wonderful to see the power that music holds.”
For more information about Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, please visit

Seiler Grand Piano Selected by Brooklyn Ballet for Upcoming Performance Season

Brooklyn Ballet

Fall 2011

Seiler Pianos is proud to announce the placement of a grand piano inside the Brooklyn Ballet, a not-for-profit dance company dedicated to artistic excellence, education and serving Brooklyn’s diverse communities.

The Brooklyn Ballet is excited to have a piano with the impeccable craftsmanship of a Seiler, and looks forward to many performances throughout the upcoming season. “On behalf of the Brooklyn Ballet, we’re so grateful for the help in selecting the Seiler grand piano, and in time for our new season,” said Lynn Parkerson, Artistic Director. “It is such a beautiful instrument and our pianist Julius Abrahams was particularly thrilled to be playing on such a wonderful piano. The New York Times critic loved the music.”

Seiler Pianos looks forward to displaying its worldwide reputation for being the industry benchmark through its distinguished craftsmanship and sound. “We at Seiler Pianos are confident this grand will give the Brooklyn Ballet many years of musical enjoyment,” said Don Glasgow, Director of Sales, Seiler Pianos. “It is especially gratifying to know this “Made in Germany” handcrafted Seiler grand piano will enjoy frequent use by many of the world-class pianists in and around the New York area.”

The Seiler grand piano was provided by Frank and Camille’s West, located in Hartsdale, NY. For more information on Seiler pianos, visit

Seiler Choosen as Official Concert Grand for the 2011 Summit Music Festival

2011 Summit Music Festival

August 11, 2011

Summit Music Festival, celebrating its 21st season as New York’s summer institute for extensive chamber music and instrumental training, selected Seiler as the official Concert Grand for the 2011 festival. Founded in 1991 by members of the highly regarded Emelin Trio, the festival offers young musicians a unique opportunity for pre-professional training and brings the world’s most talented musicians to Manhattanville College for this musical celebration and performance.

This year’s event was supported by Samick Music Corp, one of the world’s largest piano manufacturers, which supplied over $500,000 in concert quality pianos, including new Seiler, Wm. Knabe, Pramberger and Kohler & Campbell grand pianos, professional and studio uprights. The placement of pianos and all sales were coordinated by Symphony Piano, located in Hartsdale, NY.

Samick Artists Kick Off Summer Touring Season with Greg Bennett Guitars

Greg Bennett Guitars

July 22, 2011

Samick Music is pleased to announce the kickoff of the summer touring season as many Samick artists head out on the road with Greg Bennett Design guitars, playing concerts and events around the world.

The number of Samick artists taking part in the touring season continues to grow annually, which provides important feedback to Samick. “Every year we see our artist roster grow, and more of our guitars are going out on the road,” said Tony De La Rosa, Regional Sales Manager/Western Territory of Samick’s MI Division. “As you can imagine, our artists serve as a great ‘testing ground’ so to speak, giving us real feedback about our guitars. They can tell us from a pro player’s stand point what works well and where we might be able to make a change so that the instrument is more suited for what they do.”

Samick artists touring this summer include Drew Davis, The Springs, Coles Whalen, Wolf Mail, and James Williams. For a list of artists and tour dates, visit

Samick Music Announces Samick Cares Program

Samick Cares

July 21, 2011

Samick Music is pleased to announce Samick Cares, a program developed to help bring music into schools and other non-profit organizations, such as Guitars in the Classroom, through guitar donations and placement.

The Samick Cares program enables teachers and children around the U.S. to attain musical training, supplies and educational material, while infusing a new focus on music and guitars. “We fund a lot of different music education programs and special events and we fully admit we are doing it in a self-serving manner,” said John Hawkins, Vice President, MI Division, Samick Music Corporation. “The more we can help grow the overall guitar market, the more our industry and our communities benefit.”

For more information about the Samick Cares program, visit

Samick Announces New Appointment

July 20, 2011

Samick Music Corporation, Inc. recently announced the appointment of Jeremy Colas to the position of Quality Assurance Manager / Master Luthier.

Tony De La Rosa, Regional Sales Manager/Western Territory of Samick’s MI Division, said, “Having Jeremy on board is another forward step in our goal to solidify the Samick guitar brand. Besides his skills as a Luthier, Jeremy brings a new spirit and energy to the guitar division. He’s not just a guitar builder; he’s a creative guy with fresh ideas. Additionally, his visits to our factory in Indonesia will give us a greater link of communication when it comes to consistency and quality of our import guitars.”

Through his new role, Jeremy will provide an improved line of communication pertaining to the consistency and quality of import guitars. “I’m excited to be part of the Samick family,” said Colas. “I look forward to setting a new standard of excellence in the industry with our USA Custom Shop line as well as guaranteeing that our dealers continue to get the best quality from our imported products.”


Samick Music Donates Guitar to Woody Guthrie Folk Festival

July 18, 2011

Samick Music is pleased to announce its donation of a Greg Bennett Design acoustic guitar to the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival, an annual three-day event that commemorates the life and musical legacy of the American folk musician. The guitar was presented as a door prize for the popular festival, allowing thousands of attendees a chance to handle and play the guitar throughout the weekend.

“Samick Music was happy to donate a guitar to such a great cause,” said Tony De La Rosa, Artist Relations/Marketing Manager, Samick Music Corporation. “The Woody Guthrie Folk Festival serves as a means of keeping acoustic guitar-oriented folk music alive and well in America, something Samick Music fully supports.”

This year’s event marked Samick Music’s sixth straight year of making a donation to the festival. The annual event takes place each July in Guthrie’s home town of Okemah, Oklahoma. For more information, visit

Greg Bennett Guitars Debuts New Acoustic Guitar

July 13, 2011

Samick Music is pleased to announce the release of its latest Greg Bennett Design acoustic guitar, the GD100SCE PK. The new solid top industry standard, the GD100SCE PK features new Thunderflex™ bracing that provides the loudest, most powerful sound ever heard at its price point.

In addition to Thunderflex™ bracing, the GD100SCE PK features a Fishman™ Isys preamp, solid Sitka spruce top, Nato mahogany back and sides, multi-ply binding, and die cast tuners. The guitar is available in vintage sunburst finish and is accompanied by a deluxe 10mm padded gig bag and easy-to-read chord chart.

For more information, visit

Samick Music Sponsors All Star Guitar Night

July 11, 2011

Samick is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Muriel Anderson’s All Star Music Night, a
standing-room only event which provides a platform for some of the best guitar players in the world.

Samick artist Steve Rutledge, one of several featured guitarists scheduled to perform during the event, is thrilled about the opportunity. “Words can’t express what an honor it is to be asked to play All Star Guitar Night,” said Rutledge. “It is a dream come true to be able to play on stage with a few of my influences Brent Mason, Lee Ritenour, Seymour Duncan and all of the other all stars who are playing. I am so blessed to have the musical family and the backing I’ve always had with my family!” Following the NAMM Show, Rutledge will be on the road in August providing clinics to Samick dealer across the United States.

Stephen Stills Signed Greg Bennett Guitar Auction

May 9, 2011

Guitars in the Classroom and Resounding Joy have launched an exciting online charity auction. A Greg Bennett Worthington D5 acoustic guitar autographed by Stephen Stills is up for auction, with proceeds going towards keeping music alive in schools, homes, and places of healing.

To learn more about this auction and bid on this great guitar, please visit For the Love of Music.

Samick Music Sponsors Cibola Fest

May 5, 2011

Samick Music is happy to announce its sponsorship of the 2011 Cibola Fest, a three-day music festival taking place September 9-11 in Milan, New Mexico. This year’s festival has doubled in size, taking place on 160 acres beneath Mount Taylor, and will be host to over 25 bands this year, featuring Oldies, Country and Rock & Roll music.

The event’s goal is to help promote new artists, local economic development, and local and national charitable groups. “As a budding musician in my younger years, I still have fond memories of playing gigs with my good ole solid white Samick bass,” said Peter Yanke, Cibola Fest organizer. “Since then, I have always looked for that name whenever I am purchasing a new guitar.”

Samick Guitars endorser Coles Whalen will be a featured performer at Cibola Fest. “I like the idea of being part of an event with such a diverse group of artists,” said Tony De La Rosa, Artist Relations/ Regional Sales Manager, Samick Music Corporation. “It’s like a celebration of music and American culture, and Coles Whalen is such an engaging artist with universal appeal. She’s a perfect fit for Cibola Fest.”

Samick Music Announces James Williams as Latest JTR Endorser

Samick Music Announces James Williams as Latest JTR Endorser

March 25, 2011

Samick Music is proud to announce the addition of musician James Williams to the JTR family of artists. Williams is a guitarist, composer and producer for the band X Opus, a sophisticated group that has found its own cutting edge sound in today’s Prog Metal. The band has recently signed on with Magna Carta Records and is set to release its latest album, “The Epiphany” worldwide on May 31st. Williams utilizes his new JTR guitar to bring out the best in his creativity as he incorporates metal, jazz and blues into his music.

“Samick has gone over the top with their new line of JTR series guitars, great for Metal, Jazz and Blues,” said Williams. The Marie MR30 has a neck through body that sustains all day long, and the fast neck width and jumbo frets will have you playing notes that seem to play by themselves. It’s a masterpiece that is like a Stradivarius for guitar players.”

Samick Music is thrilled to have such a diverse and unique artist as part of the JTR family. “It’s great to have a player like James on the roster, he is for sure not your everyday average guitar player,” said Tony De La Rosa, Artist Relations/ Regional Sales Manager, Samick Music Corporation. “His work in the band X Opus is just an example of his guitar prowess. The guy is a musical chameleon that can play many styles well, as the world will soon see.”

Glenn Derringer, President of Samick’s MI Division, said, “This is just one part of our evolving focus on this segment of Samick’s business.Tony and Marshall will play a major role in moving the company forward with impressive new designs by Greg Bennett, JT Riboloff and others yet to come. They represent our continued investment on all business fronts including management, design, marketing/advertising and distribution. This is just the beginning.”

Samick Announces New Appointments

Samick Announces New Appointments

March 4, 2011

Samick Music Corporation, Inc. recently announced two major promotions in the MI division headquartered at the company’s U.S.A. corporate offices in Gallatin, TN. Tony De La Rosa has been promoted to Regional Sales Manager/Western Territory. Tony, who joined Samick in 2000 as Marketing and Artist Relations Manager, comes from a long background in the music industry as a performing musician. Tony has also held sales and management positions in both the music and shopping mall businesses. Marshall Moody has been promoted to the position of Regional Sales Manager/Eastern Territory. Marshall as well has had experience as a performing guitarist and comes from a strong retail background in the music business previously associated with Kaman and Sam Ash.

In their new positions, both Tony and Marshall will have total sales and marketing responsibility for their territories and will work directly with the sales reps and firms associated with each region.

Both Tony and Marshall will continue to report to John Hawkins, Vice President, Sales & Marketing. Hawkins stated, “We are fortunate to have such talented and experienced personnel who are both knowledgeable and passionate about their new positions. Our Samick dealer organization continues to grow. With our new products, clinics and marketing programs coming on line, it’s only natural to have more direct interaction from management with our field personnel and dealers.”

Glenn Derringer, President of Samick’s MI Division, said, “This is just one part of our evolving focus on this segment of Samick’s business.Tony and Marshall will play a major role in moving the company forward with impressive new designs by Greg Bennett, JT Riboloff and others yet to come. They represent our continued investment on all business fronts including management, design, marketing/advertising and distribution. This is just the beginning.”

Samick Partners w/ Dave Ramsey, Artists TG Sheppard & Kelly Lang for Charity Auction

Samick Music Partners With Dave Ramsey and Country Artists TG Sheppard and Kelly Lang for Charity Auction

December 6, 2010

Samick Music, nationally syndicated radio talk show host Dave Ramsey, and country music stars TG Sheppard and Kelly Lang have teamed up to donate and auction an autographed piano to support Mercy Ministries of America, a biblically-based program serving troubled young women across the United States. Auction bids can be placed through December 11 by visiting

The one-of-a-kind WM. Knabe & Co. Grand piano has been signed by Ramsey, Sheppard, Lang, and many of Nashville?s biggest stars, including two-time Dancing With the Stars winner and country music singer Julianne Hough, retired NFL Pro Bowl center Kevin Mawae, Olympic figure skating champion Scott Hamilton, multi-platinum recording artist Lorrie Morgan, Grammy award-winning country singer George Jones, Oak Ridge Boys singer William Lee Golden, and long-time Grand Ole Opry star Jeannie Sealy. Guests attending the Merry Mercy Christmas Benefit dinner in Nashville on December 10 will also have the opportunity to bid on the piano.

“As this year’s Chairmen of The Merry Mercy Christmas Banquet, my wife Sharon and I are thrilled with Samick Music?s generous spirit and donation of this one of kind piano,” said Dave Ramsey. “Our friends TG Sheppard and Kelly Lang have had mega stars from all over sign the piano and facilitate this donation. We are having even more great signatures added every day and the auction of this piano will benefit Mercy Ministries, a fabulous program helping young women facing several different kinds of life’s challenges.”

Samick Music Makes Donation to Crestline Creative Arts Foundation

Samick Music Makes Donation to Crestline Creative Arts Foundation

October 14, 2010

On Saturday, July 3, Samick Music donated a Greg Bennett-designed model OM8CE N acoustic guitar to the Lake Gregory Jam Fest 2010, an event hosted by the Crestline Creative Arts Foundation which features live music. The guitar was presented to foundation President Gigi Bannister, wife of Samick artist Reggie Bannister, as the festival’s raffle prize.

“The Crestline Creative Arts Foundation wishes to provide our profound thanks and appreciation for the support of our organization during this year’s Lake Gregory Jam Fest 2010,” said Gigi Bannister. “The Samick Music/Gregg Bennett guitar OM8CE N provided for our raffle was warmly received by our community and greatly appreciated by the recipient, Paul Allen of Crestline, California. Many thanks for supporting our local mountain youth and local arts and music projects.”

The festival took place in Crestine, CA and included vendors, food, arts & crafts, games, contests, magic shows, face painting, a parade and more.

Samick Music Announces Reggie Bannister as Latest Artist

Reggie Bannister

September 28, 2010

Samick Music is proud to announce the addition of veteran musician, actor and screenwriter Reggie Bannister to the Greg Bennett family of artists. Bannister, well-known for his roles in the action-horror series Phantasm, has seen his career span over 40 years in television, film and entertainment with a varied background that includes writing, acting and music. As a musician, Mr. Bannister has released six albums, including his 2008 release titled “Naked Truth.”

“We’re excited to work with Reggie, he is a unique addition for us since he is both a musician and an actor,” said Tony De La Rosa, Artist Relations/Marketing Manager, Samick Music Corporation. “When you see Reggie playing a guitar in a movie, it’s really him playing, and in many cases has also wrote the song, and now he’ll be seen playing Samick/Greg Bennett guitars on screen.”

Mr. Bannister is currently using his Greg Bennett guitar recording songs that he has written for the upcoming horror comedy “Bloody Bloody Bible Camp.” “Getting ready for a recording session today, with Shadow Dog Sound, to record a couple of tunes I wrote for the film roll up of Bloody Bloody Bible Camp,” said Bannister. “I have been hanging around the house playing my new guitar for hours on end, and my wife Gigi has been very patient with me, since I’m always referring to my Gregg Bennett guitar as “she”.  I can hardly believe when I pick it up that it feels like an old friend.”

Samick Music Donates Piano Parts to Fundraising Event

Samick Music Donates Piano Parts to Fundraising Event

September 17, 2010

Samick Music is proud to announce the donation of a variety of piano parts to “Encore! Reclaim the Sound”, a new fundraising event to support the Arts Council of Williamson County (ACWC) Arts Education Programs and the Nashville International Piano Competition of The Steinway Society of Nashville. The parts donated by Samick Music range from piano keys, foot pedals, tuning pins and piano strings to key rails, benches and grand piano lids. The piano parts will be recycled through creative artwork and auctioned off in a live and silent auction at the event’s upcoming black-tie affair in October.

“Samick Music Corporation is excited to be a partner and sponsor in this project,” said Jane Jones, Samick Piano Service Manager, Samick Music Corporation. “At Samick, our motto is ‘Enjoy Music, Enjoy Life’. Just as music cannot remain silent, ‘Encore! Reclaim The Sound’ allows discarded piano parts to bring music to life once more in the form of art. As artist Mary Kilbreath said, ‘When next at the easel, remember we are making music for the eyes.’”

The fundraising event is presented by the ACWC and Steinway Piano Gallery of Nashville. The competition will award first, second and third prize scholarships to the selected students to study piano at any nationally accredited school of music in the State of Tennessee.

Clear View Treatment Charity Event
Samick Guitars Makes Donation to Children’s Charity Event

July 25, 2010

On Sunday, July 25, Samick Guitar artist Johnny Lucas of the band Kottak presented two autographed electric guitars to the Clear View Treatment Center, a 24-hour, in-home treatment program that focuses on preparing children for placement in the community. The guitars were auctioned off and donated as part of the Fourth Annual Celebrity Poker Tournament at The Highlands-Hollywood to raise money for several Clear View Treatment centers.

The red carpet event raised over $10,000 and featured several well-known celebrities who signed the guitars, including poker professional Annie Duke, drummer Phil Varone, LA Ink?s Corey Miller, actress Jennifer Elise Cox and former baseball all-star José Canseco. It included pre-event and post-event coverage by several media outlets.

Woody Guthrie Folk Festival

Samick Music Makes Donation to Woody Guthrie Folk Festival

July 18, 2010

On Sunday, July 18, Samick Music donated a Greg Bennett-designed model MJ13CE N acoustic guitar to the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival, an annual three-day event that commemorates the life and musical legacy of the American folk musician. The guitar was presented as a door prize for the popular festival, drawing huge attention from the thousands of visitors throughout the weekend while offering attendees a chance to handle and play the guitar.

This year?s event marked Samick Music?s fifth straight year of making a donation to the festival. The annual event takes place each July in Guthrie?s home town of Okemah, Oklahoma.