5′ 10″ Conservatory Artist
Weight: 772 lbs.
Height: 40⅜ “
Width: 59 ¾”
Soundboard Area: 1932 in²
#1 Bass String: 51 ¾”


PINBLOCK: 18-ply, laminated maple
TUNING PINS: Nickel-plated
HAMMERS: German premium blue label, “T” wired
ACTION: Premium German wood rail
KEYS: Maple
ACTION WOOD: Winter-cut maple
SOUNDBOARD: Bolduc, winter-cut spruce, asymetrically-tapered
RIBS: White spruce, pre-curved, notched to inner rim
TREBLE BRIDGE: Vertically-laminated, maple/mahogany, tunneled
BASS BRIDGE: Extended cantilever
BEAMS: Laminated spruce
MUSIC WIRE: Roslau, made in Germany
PLATES: Sandcast
SCALE: Measured duplex
PEDALS: Soft, sostenuto, full sustain
WARRANTY: 10 year limited
Available Finishes: Ebony High Polish, Ebony Satin, Ebony Polish with Pommele, Walnut High Polish, Mahogany High Polish, Walnut High Polish